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Top property management websites in florida

Top 20 Property Management Websites in Florida

Property management services are the platforms where you can find your desired real estate solutions for your property. From marketing to financial management, and from property presentation in the desired format to highlighting the property attachments of the property with property floor plan, such websites are helpful and a one-stop solution. 

In this article, we will be looking at the unique features of the top thirty websites that function as Florida’s top 30 property management companies –

  1. Rezo

Rezopropertymanagement is one of the most advanced online property management tools, which is enabled with multiple such functionalities and features that work as the most significant trait for a property management website to draw a lead.

97% of the properties listed with Rezo are active today with at least one booking since they have been listed in it. 

It offers you the following property management solutions- 

  • Rental property management in Florida
  • Selling a house in Florida
  • Buying a home in Florida
  • Agent finding
  • Financial assistance while purchasing a property


Consider if you choose to go with Rezo, it will offer you and then highlight your property using the following features and functionalities – 

  • A banner image of the property in HQ resolution with the price visible at first sight. 
  • An option will be given to you as an owner, to tag your property either as a vacation rental, mid-term rental, or home rental.
  • Once listed, it allows the user to compare your property with the other, and choose it as their favorite with a sharing option.
  • With an overview, the user will get to watch and check your property in Rezo with every possible means. Be it through high-quality photographs, a virtual tour through AI and AR, or a video tour, which is the most preferred option by the customers usually.
  • Map view, to help your potential customer find your property for a physical visit.
  • Energy performance parameters along with mortgage calculators are some of the exceptional features that you get with Rezo, with a few other property management services in Florida.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, in order to get the option to add Floor Plans, and property documents attached for a credible appearance and genuineness of the deal, you shall definitely go for Rezo, as your property management service provider in Florida.

2. Zillow

Zillow is globally known as an online abode to search for a home. It has an appealing user interface with an option to enter your desired destination or the area you’re searching for.

With three options as its primary options to buy, sell, or rent a home, Zillow allows you to add your property to its property suggestion list. Once you enter the location, it asks the users what they are searching for. Either a rental property or a property for sale?

It showcases properties with a map-based overview on a half screen and the other half with the list comprised of other similar properties within that location.

With filters like price range to select, amenities and features that property has, the type of home, and more like the area of the property, etc.

3. has been a professional short-term property management company for a certain period of time. With block-style UI categorized in different options of the properties like condos, foreclosures, land, newly constructed apartments, or recently sold, etc. helps the user discover not only property but also their affordability with the help of an embedded calculator. 

It helps the customer understand the financial challenges, and trending market trends, and to get the down payment assistance programs. 

Realtor also allows you to compare itself with other platforms. It consists of the following features – 

  • Listing syndication
  • Listing Management Portal
  • Agent Profiles
  • CMA tools
  • Mortgage Calculators
  • Premium Listing & Profiles



With quite a different approach to information first then business, is another big player in the Real estate industry. 

It has a tiled UI with articles at the front, based on very common but most curious information based on the real estate industry. For example-

  • Difference between Kitchen and Kitchenette
  • How to choose an Apartment Community You’ll Love
  • Is my Landlord required to provide heat and AC?

With the most simple user interface, it doesn’t showcase much of the options like other competitors. It allows you to find the desired property solution with the FIND option at the very beginning and then takes you to your desired solution.

5. BelongHome

A Seattle-based online property management service that ensures property management for rental homes especially. 

They bring your property into social media, especially to Instagram, the most loved platform today. They also make your property visible in other property management services in Florida with the help of a member success team that aids you while you register with them throughout your rental business journey.

6. Trulia

An online American real estate marketplace, and a subsidiary of Zillow that allows buyers and renters to find their desired property management solution through recommendations and local insights.

With an emphasis on neighborhood-based search results, for say, when a customer usually seeks another shelter in a nearby location or neighborhood, this platform is the ideal shelter to find one. 

You can get an idea of their expertise through their popular searches that are like-

  • Open houses nearby
  • Condos for sale nearby
  • Apartments for sale nearby

You can opt for this for rental homes in Florida and their management.


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7. Redfin

A Seattle-based residential brokerage and mortgage service provider, which operates in the US and Canada both simultaneously. It is a big fish in the ocean. You shall hire their services for full-service agents and online services that help you get your desired property management solution faster and smarter.

You need to search for a home by province. With not much to be explorable, you would be required to log in first for more options it offers to you as a buyer or seller.


An apartment search engine owned by Redfin. Again, emphasizing rental property management but this time for the Australian market. They have been doing business there for the last 15 years with more than 6000 agents there to help you or your native get the desired rental solution. 

9. HotPads

Apartments, being their most focused segment, is a US-based real estate solution provider with Florida property management services as one of their multiple dimensions.

A Zillow group wing, Hotpads helps you get houses, and apartments near you and assists at listing your property into the desired list of properties.


10. Craigslist

A diverse platform with not just property management as a service, but also community services, discussion forums, and job-based solutions in its portfolio. Craigslist is a US-based organization with a global presence and city-specific services that allow you to select the city and then move forward for further solutions provided by them.

For example, if you need a property management solution for your Florida rental homes, it offers you the number of services they have in Miami, Florida including all the other services like Jobs, Sales, Housing, Community, etc.

It is a platform where you get more than you expect from it, in a quite specific manner and city-oriented approach.


For Florida property management companies, you shall consider for its prevalence in Boca Raton, Florida; Tallahassee, Florida and San Diego, California.

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Being the fourth largest property management solution provider in the USA, it allows you to find homes in your neighborhood and in the locations you love to reside at. 

For sell, rent, and already sold property, it allows you to move ahead categorically by choosing one option. With 100 million trusted customers, it showcases highly rated properties separately, which is a good feature as your property could also be a part of it gradually.

12. PadMapper

A US and Canada-based property management company with a city-specific approach. You will have to enter the city you want your property solution in, for example, on choosing ‘Atlanta apartments’, you will get the city-specific solution for Atlanta.

Further, it gives you a pretty described analysis of the results you have searched for with the map view, range of the rent you could afford before searching for a property in Atlanta, and the number or types of bedrooms you wish for. 

13. RentCafe

With the slogan of ‘Rent easy, Rest easy’, RentCafe claims to deliver the safest property management solutions in the US. From property managers, and agents, to financial assistance including pricing and availability, Rentcafe helps you figure out the rent budget and discover apartments near you accordingly.


With a city-specific approach, it also asks you to choose a city within the US and then move ahead. Searching for apartments, securing leases, and rental property management are their niches. 

They offer app-based solutions, which help you get the rental you want fast and free.

14. MyNewPlace

A US-based apartment listing website headquartered in San Francisco. With over 4 million users per month, it is a platform helping searchers get the most authentic information and services related to property management. 

From professional photography to 3D floor plans, it helps users in projecting their properties in a professional and presentable way.


It claims to be the one-stop solution for Florida-based rental property management services. The best offering is for the students who can search for campus housing in it. 

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All you need to do is- Get the application installed, find the desired property in it, and enjoy the super easy application user interface that navigates you smoothly.

Once you explore a property listed in it, it starts with showcasing the images in a half-screen split mode (for tablets/PCs), prices beneath the photographs, and floor plans (if attached) along with it.  It also shows the ratings of the location you’ve searched for with relevant property details including property description, timings of meetings, and contact form.

16. Zumper

For quality listings and real-time alerts of the location where you are searching for your desired property, Zumper is an ideal property management service provider. 

You will find quality renters, landlords, and agents here along with multifamily communities that aid you to advertise your leasing success. With ongoing support from a dedicated property and account manager, Zumper is one of the best property management solutions providers in Florida with full credit reports and background checks.

It claims to provide inclusive, safe, and respectful assistance in real estate challenges, with quality listings that work as an inventory to provide you with new rentals with filtered results based on location, price range, bedroom count, pet-friendliness, and amenities.

17. LovelyStay

For short-term, mid-term, and long-term rentals, Lovelystay is a nice abode to find a shelter. With a recommendable destination sectional view on their website, you can check out the LovelyStay partners and services like Chef at home, multimedia tours, and other LovelyStay key services.

It has pricing models, and other owner-specific solutions like an income simulator, unique dashboards to check out relevant details, and a revenue optimizer for similar properties.


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18. WalkScore

With not just property management solutions, WalkScore comes with other relevant and useful solutions. For example, you can improve your commute through it with a commute report and options of transport like car, bus, etc.

Walk Score professional section provides separate scores related to unique but relevant parameters like Bike Score, and Transit Score to your rental and for sale properties. 

Walk Score APIs bring you Walk Score, and Public Transit Data, which is a pretty unique takeaway feature that you rarely find anywhere else.

19. HomeFinder

With the option of ForeClosure, HomeFinder is an ideal real estate portal for finding foreclosed homes.  

The information that HomeFinder listings provide includes local area, the number of other households in the vicinity, along with demographic data like unemployment rate and nearby schools and other amenities.

However, it offers property solutions based on sale and rent all at once. With millions of satisfied users and a blog section that reveals user-generated experiences with HomeFinder, you can find some really informative articles 

20. Rentspree

Formerly known as Rentpath, Rentspree is a premier rental application with time-saving benefits like a full credit report and score for tenants. With criminal background checks and other relevant screening aspects, Rentspree provides an advanced but safe property management solution to the seekers.

With transparent pricing, Rentspree’s tenant screening services are based on the locations with unique and helpful tools for property agents. It also has a rental client manager, and provides a personal demo, if requested.

Rentspree is beloved by its customers for its exceptional customer service that simplifies every step of Florida property management services.

In the end, what we can conclude here is every platform has a unique feature and offerings to serve as long-term property management services. It is wiser to hire an agent or to rather hire a full property management service-providing company like Rezo to assist yourself in real-time real estate industrial challenges.  


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