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Selling your Florida home “A Comprehensive Guide”

Selling a house in Florida takes the usual process like the other states of the USA do. A buyer, an agent, and a healthy spread of word of mouth are the fundamental things that help make the selling process smooth. 

However, to make this selling even smoother and effortless,  it would take you three additional traits-

  • An eye-satisfying presentation, as ‘The First Impact’

Your property’s picturization shall have to be outspoken. Apparently, a buyer takes the next step only when one is pleased after seeing the advertisement.

  • Effective Marketing, as ‘The Essential Fuel’ to sell your property

sell property in florida-Rezopropertymanagement

An agent, on the other end, to market your property at effective listing sources will make a difference. 

P.S. Marketing nowadays significantly involves business listing as its method of lead generation. There are benefits of listing your property such as-

  • You can attach your property attachments – More Credibility
  • You can upload your floor plans – More clarity & vision
  • Upload a video – A virtual tour helps the user make a quick decision
  • You can embed your property with a mortgage calculator online
  • Add your property features like – Marble flooring, Lawn area, Home theatre, etc.

Check how Rezo offers you different features when you list your property in it

Know that, you may miss the chance to find an effective and result-giving listing website, as well as the potential audience, without an agent. You might realize after investing a hefty amount in advertising that there were some soft targets already that could bring you leads on an efficient budget.

  • Price Analysis, ‘A Wise Decision’ to make before putting the price

When price analysis is performed before asking for it, it shows a sense of unanimity in the brains of your buyers. An objective comparison with other similar properties, and putting up the rates that seem reasonable is the real deal-breaking step.

Believe it or not, an unreasonable price would never become a deal for a wise buyer.

Moving ahead to the step-by-step guide required in case you have a home for sale in Florida followed by the facts about Florida real estate to help you not miss those points that could bring you the best deal in Florida for your house.

A Step-by-step Guide for Selling a House in Florida 

  • Prepare Your Home as presentable for a visit

To clean and declutter your home, you may consider hiring a professional cleaner or stager if necessary.

Make sure to execute any repairs or improvements necessary to enhance your home’s appeal. Do not make this mistake of taking hydraulic leaks for granted, or leaving fixtures non-updated. They could end up withdrawing interest from your property if the buyer has a similar property in search.

  • Hire a Real Estate Appraiser

Estimation of Florida’s real estate would require you to hire an appraiser. To research the local real estate market & determine the current market value of your home, it will take you an expert to set your price reasonably perfect and justify your property’s worth.

  • Hire a Real Estate Agent too


Setting a price is a different thing. And marketing your property is another dimension.

Thus, to consider working with a qualified local real estate agent while putting your home for sale in Florida is a wise decision. As they can provide valuable insights, and marketing expertise, and help you with negotiations.

Also, an agent would help market your property well if you create a marketing plan with him. An agent would help you get the professional photography done, prepare some virtual tours helpful for easy presentation, and you’d be aware of online listings or platforms like ‘Rezo’. 

An agent, on the other end, would always be happy to help you promote your home through traditional marketing methods. For e.g., Yard signs, brochures, and open houses are some that help in getting local leads pretty quickly.

You may also know 

Q- What does a comprehensive property management service provide?

Ans- Rezo Property Management; a comprehensive property management service provider in Florida, is committed to providing assistance to the property owners in all the relevant objectives like selling or renting the property.

You can list your property in Florida on Rezo, and get trusted partners as an agent for all your real estate solutions.

Rezo provides other options like-

  • Vacation Rentals
  • Home Rentals
  • Mid Term Rentals


  • Negotiate

Make sure to review and negotiate the terms when you receive offers. The agent would help you here again, as he is the best source with adequate recent trends and knowledge of current market price, or any contingencies running locally or globally in this sector.

  • Home Inspection and Appraisal

The buyer will most probably conduct a home inspection to identify any issues. It is wise to be prepared to address any concerns or negotiate repairs if necessary. The buyer’s lender will order an appraisal to ensure the home’s value matches the agreed-upon price.

Just this note in your diary, Agent is the key in such matters.

Once you’ve reached an agreement with a buyer, sign a purchase agreement keeping the agent beside you, as he is all aware of the hideouts in this industry of real estate in Florida. He is the one who could beware you of the possible frauds or puzzled conditions before signing an agreement.

  • Title and Escrow

A title company will research the property’s title to ensure there are no outstanding liens or legal issues. The buyer will place the agreed-upon funds in an escrow account while the title search is conducted and the closing documents are prepared.

Therefore, make sure to be ready for the closing preparations. There are closing agents too that help gather all the necessary documents for the closing.

However, there are closing meetings too, in which all the involved parties including the buyer, seller, agents, and potentially a notary or attorney meet. You shall not miss such a meeting in order to be in touch with every concerned body taking place in the process of selling a house in Florida.

Note: To sign all the necessary documents to transfer ownership of the property is an obvious aspect. 

Things To Remember

  • Once the sale is complete, move out of the property, and ensure it’s clean and in the condition agreed upon in the contract.
  • Cancel Utilities and Services
  • Notify utility companies and services of your move and cancel or transfer your accounts.
  • Once the transaction is closed, you’ll receive the proceeds from the sale, typically via a wire transfer or check.

Do not miss to consult with a tax advisor to understand the tax implications of the sale.

Remember that real estate transactions can vary, and it’s essential to consult with a qualified real estate agent and attorney to guide you through the process, as real estate laws and regulations can change.

In the Nutshell

Step 1: Hire an Agent 

Step 2: Price Your Florida Home for Sale wisely

Step 3: Hire a Pro Photographer for better presentation

Step 4: List and Market Your Florida Property with the help of an agent 

Step 5: Negotiate and accept the offer smartly

Step 6: Review, and beware of transaction fraudulence.


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