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Important tips to turn your house into a vacation rental-Rezopropertymanagement

Important tips to turn your house into a vacation rental

Turning your house into a source of income requires some legal and obvious actions with some courage to accomplish it. If it is going to become a business for you, it has to be clean with all the legal aspects and shall also provide a sense of safety in parallel to attraction.

As it comes with responsibilities and challenges, here are some important tips to help you get started with vacation rentals for Florida –

1. Consider Legal Aspects very first

Usually, a property is found in a local zone. To turn it into a vacation rental, it is essential to check for local regulations before approaching any other step. Some regulations like short-term rentals, or zoning laws may consist of any specific restrictions, related to that local zone that may affect your business.

2. Keep the Safety Measures Intact

Ensuring that the property has adequate safety embedded in it. Your guests would definitely take away a sense of safety if nothing else from your property.

vacation rental safety-Rezopropertymanagement

Safety measures like carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers, and other important emergency aids are expected by guests at such stays.

For Florida vacation rentals, owners usually consider security measures like deadbolts and outdoor lighting as well.

3. Keep Your Home Presentable

However, some best property management services allow uploading a virtual tour of the listed property. Yet, keeping it ready for a physical visit, clean, and presentable would be a positive aspect. Know that, taking a guest for a visit to your property for a physical check would develop a credible impression of yours as a property owner.

Make sure to maintain and clutter-free the premises. Sometimes, the first impressions are the deal breakers.

Professional Photography also is helpful in attracting guests. Make a note that if you take your guests to showcase your property, it’ll be in the best daylight time possible.

4. Step into Online Platforms

When the property is all set and presentable, now is the time for its marketing. Go and list your property on a popular vacation rental website like Rezo, Airbnb, VRBO, or 

Make sure to have the best quality media files uploaded into its marketing campaigns. An interesting, exciting description of the property would also help get the leads often.

5. Preset some House Rules

Having certain rules for and within the premises would validate your property as a limited edition property with a clear objective of sustainability within the property.

Sustainability refers to here for some limitations that help sustain hygiene and greenery around the property. Therefore, it is better to put a board of guidelines or a note of advisory handed over to all the guests, only when they welcome themselves, which would help create a nice impression overall.

Guidelines or notes of advisory may include some rules around- 

  • Check-in and Check-out times
  • Smoking
  • Pets, or any other specific policy.


House rules-Rezopropertymanagement

6. Keep A Regular Schedule for Upkeeping

A regular cycle of maintenance, repair, and cleaning establishes an excellent impression and imagery. Not only for the property but also the property owner is praised for managing a scheduled upkeeping of a property for its excellent condition.

7. Can Offer Some Guest Amenities

Essential amenities are real impression builders. They bring the first stage of satisfaction in the visitor, which is helpful for the healthy marketing of your property via online reviews, and through word of mouth as well.

Essentials include fresh linens, towels, toiletries, and a well-equipped kitchen, however, other necessities like any sports arrangement within the premises, etc. are helpful in extravagant presentation and a luxury stay.

8. Prompt Responsiveness is the Key

Florida vacation rental owners prefer responding to queries and inquiries as soon as possible.

A quick communication can lead to positive reviews and repeat bookings.

9. Price Wisely

Do research for similar vacation rentals in your area. It will get you the real idea and save you from airy price demands that are undesirable for this business.


10. Keep Taxes and Insurance Aspects well-checked before Turning it into a Vacation Rental

Hiring a tax professional for relevant tax obligations will save from a lot. Also, make sure you consider insurance that covers short-term rentals.

11. Reviews and Feedback

As described before, the real profit you can earn is the reviews from your customers.

Encouraging reviews and good testimonials are vital for attracting guests from across the globe.

You may not forget to ask to leave honest feedback from the visitors and strive to address any issues promptly for further betterment.

12. Realize Your Target Audience

Who you want to cater to, is the main thing to realize before launching a business. Are they families, couples, business travelers, or all at once?

Tailor your property and market it then, accordingly.

13. Offer extra services

Providing additional services such as airport pickup, grocery delivery, or local tours will enhance the user-generated content for your property, especially on social media. Remember, their experience is your real income.

Also, you may instruct your cleaning staff about the cleaning checklist, which ensures the property is consistently cleaned to a remarkable standard.

Know that running a vacation rentals Florida usually involves ongoing management and communication with guests. Thus, it is quintessential to be a good host first, and then build a strong reputation to attract more guests.


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